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Public Spaces

Hermann Park McGovern Centennial Gardens

McGovern Centennial Gardens is home to a diverse collection of gardens including an arid garden, rose garden, woodland garden, an interactive family garden, and more. The 30-foot garden mount provides a bird’s eye view of the gardens and surrounding area.

View aerial footage of the gardens.


Market Square Park

Market Square Park sits in downtown Houston and features a dog run, shady, outdoor seating and a plaza for performances. With its flowing water, beautiful sculpture, seasonal flowers and leafy trees, the garden memorializes all lost on September 11.

Market Square 1-Resized.jpg
Market Square 2-Resized.jpg
Market Square 6-Resized.jpg
Market Square History.jpg

Memorial Park Eastern Glades

The Clay Family Eastern Glades reclaims and restores 100 acres of largely inaccessible and ecologically distressed parkland. A $35 million undertaking, the Eastern Glades opened to the public on Friday, July 31, 2020.  The transformed, 100-acre area boasts picnic areas, native wetlands, a savanna, a pine-hardwood forest, green spaces, and miles of accessible trails.


Take a virtual stroll through the park by viewing the scenic video.

HinesLakeBoardwalk2_EG_Courtesy of Memor
CentralLawnAerial_EG_Courtesy of Memoria

Memorial Park Sports Complex

The first phase of the Sports Complex opened in 2020. This phase consolidated the park's areas of recreation and reunited previously fragmented ecological areas. The complex is now a dynamic and vibrant area and including a multi-use sports field for games like rugby, lacrosse, soccer and other field sports; two ballfields; and four sand volleyball courts as well as associated parking. 

Memorial Sports Overview.JPG
Memorial Sports.JPEG

Rice University Green Roof

RiceCRC_1A_19APR15 Resized.jpg
Rice Rooftop Crew.JPG
Rice Conveyor.JPG

The Sovereign Apartments

With over 42,000 square-feet of amenity space, the eighth-floor deck posed numerous challenges not the least of which was crane-lifting all of the materials in a busy city-center location.  As is the case with all roof gardens, weight and drainage issues were of utmost importance and all materials underwent testing to ensure their viability for the project.

Sovereign Aerial 4-Resized.jpg
Sovereign Aerial 3-Resized.jpg
Sovereign Aerial 1-Resized.jpg
Sovereign Aerial 5-Resized.jpg

University of St. Thomas

The University of St. Thomas is a private institution committed to the liberal arts and to the religious, ethical and intellectual tradition of Catholic higher education. St. Thomas is Houston’s only Catholic University and was founded in 1947.

Univ St Thomas Student Life 061_5ZkkRP.J
Univ St Thomas Student Life 066_LiMfip.J
Univ St Thomas Student Life 286_rqVxJF.J
Univ St Thomas Student Life 295_SmvmqJ.J
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